We Want Plates

We Want Plates!!!!!!!

We Want Plates

Plant pots, Mini frying baskets, jars, metal bins, slates, floor tiles, fish bowls, wooden boards……. the list goes on and on. The amount of food served in weird things is why we want plates.

Why don’t restaurants use plates anymore? Or if they do, why don’t they put food on them instead of in plant pots and other garden related objects 😉

I joke but it’s a bit of a lottery eating out these days as it is, at least in the past you could rely on your food coming on something you can actually eat it from.

Food Served in Weird Things

I am convinced that somewhere in the world they will soon start serving food directly on the floor in front of you.

I get the idea of experimentation, but really, I mean what next? Will we be eating chips from a bird food dispenser or sucking wine from a hose pipe, or a new use for the now redundant ash trays. Does everyone want plates or is it just me?

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We want plates


Just look at the image below. If you want to put any sauce on it? Where do you put it?




I haven’t even explored the increased energy costs of washing all these extra pots, or the seeming insecurity of the chefs preparing the food, by making it so difficult to eat that all focus is taken away from the flavours they have tried to produce from the ingredients put together on your plate, err wooden board, err slate……

In the restaurants I know serve food on wooden slabs, I apologise and ask nicely, if I can have it put on a plate? You won’t believe it but the common reply is, “Of course sir, that’s no problem, lots of people ask for that”.

Serving Dishes on Wooden boards a health Hazard?

A restaurant has actually been fined £50,000 in addition to other costs for serving food on unhygienic wooden boards and putting the health of their customers at risk. Ibrahim’s Grill and Steak House restaurant based in Birmingham, the restaurant received a visit from Birmingham City Council’s Environment department in October 2016 to assess the hygiene levels of the establishment. They were serving food on wooden plates that could not be properly cleaned. Restaurants have been warned.

Amazing, surely they would learn from this and just present the food nicely on a plate!!????




My favourite image of all! Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture? …….the pot of gravy?

Where do I put the gravy? We want plates


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I know this is a common issue for people, so I would love to here more, and please send me more pictures of crazy none plate issues you have. Please post them on Lobsterjobs Facebook Page

I can’t wait to see them,



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