Recruiting People - Top 5 interview tips

Top 5 Interview tips to help you get that Job

Top 5 Interview Tips

Just looking at the word “interview” can cause a lot of stress for some people. If you concentrate on the basics that we discuss in our top 5 interview tips guide and get them right, then the rest will fall in to place 🙂

1.Prepare Well

The single most important thing to do when preparing to go for an interview is to research to company/business/owner of the company that you have applied to work for. Most establishments have a website these days, and most owners are on media like LinkedIn and Twitter. Look at the principles , style, approach, menu etc etc. The more you research the best chance you have of being able to match and understand what they are looking for in you for this position.

2. Be Well Dressed

A shirt and tie may not always be required in the hospitality industry but it is always a good idea to be on the over dressed side of things. Remember that although the way you dress alone might not get you hired, the way you look can certainly  go the other way and stop you from getting hired.

3. Be on time

Being punctual is something a manager looks for, because if a member of staff cannot be relied upon to turn up on time for work they become another issue they have to deal with and believe me, they have enough to deal with without having to do your job because you are unreliable.

4. End the interview strong

Ask them if they have any reservations about you for the role. This will give you a chance to address any concerns they have about you and put their minds at rest about any issues they have. This is also another opportunity for you to sell yourself using everything you have learnt about the role and the company during the interview.

5. Show Personality

Smile, be warm, friendly and engage with the people you are with. This is so obvious a reason is not needed, but a restaurant or hotel manager wants warm, friendly staff that engage with guests, not quiet, unhelpful and rude…. simple 😉

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