I have taken time off and want to get back into work

I have taken time off and want to get back into work!

I have taken time off and want to get back into work!

You may have taken a gap year, started a family or returned to college/University, been travelling or had a period of long term sickness and want to return to work, but you have a few worries as to how the career gap will be perceived by future employers.

Before you start getting ready to return to employment, it’s worth having a think about your situation. Potential employers will ask why you took the break, what you did and also why you want to come back. They aren’t trick questions but if you don’t think about how you would answer them, you can quickly look suspect.

If you need to write a cover letter, it’s important to say from the get-go that you had a career break. Explain why you took it and why you want to come back. If you are returning to the same career, say you can’t wait to return to what you love doing. If you are embarking on a new career, emphasise how you are excited about the new challenge. Be clear that you know this is what you want to do, and that you have fully considered it.

If you can start immediately, make sure you include that in your cover letter too.

Here are a few tip s to help you along the way to employment again!!

  1. Don’t hide the fact that you have had some time out. In-fact be proud of it and make sure you have a list of benefits you have gain from your time away, experiences gained and personal network increased. Do your research….think about what skills, qualities and qualifications are required for the job you are applying for and relate the skills gained from parenthood or travelling or qualifications gained from your time away etc to it…
  2. If you have been travelling make sure that they are aware that you have done that now and your focus is now on your career
  3. If you have been sick, make sure you make it clear that you are fit and able to do the position you are applying for…


And one more thing…. Good Luck 😉


I have taken time off and want to get back into work! For more career advice and the latest Hospitality jobs

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