How to make an amazing impression at your next interview

How to Make an Amazing Impression in Your Next Interview

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How to Make an Amazing Impression
in Your Next Interview

Interviews are scary! Ask anyone. You won’t find a single person who goes into an interview feeling completely comfortable. In your mind, there are numerous things that can go wrong. You could forget a name, blank on a question, or blurt out something you didn’t mean in a fit of nerves. Being prepared is the best thing you can do to settle those stomach butterflies. Here’s how to wow the hiring manager and land the job you really want.

Do Your Homework

Start preparing for your interview at least a couple of days before. You need to do more than simply read through the company website, although this is a great place to find out about their history and philosophy. Google the company to find additional information about their latest projects on news sites or social media. Stay up to date on the latest research and trending topics in your industry. If you’re being hired for your unique expertise in an area, like marketing or web development, make sure you know what you’re talking about.

Scared of unexpected interview questions? Look up potential questions you may be asked, and prepare a list of your own to ask the interviewer. Zety is a great place to find common interview questions and advice on how to answer these. Finally, make sure you bring any paperwork that will help you support your claim that you’re the best candidate for the job:

  • Multiple resume copies
  • References
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A portfolio of your best work
  • Personal information for filling out HR paperwork

Dress for the Job You Want

The outfit that you choose for your interview can tell managers a lot about how well you’ll fit in with the company. Swing by the building in person or explore the company website to get an idea of the dress code. Even if the work environment is very casual, aim to look clean and nicely put together. It’s a good idea to avoid flashy clothing and accessories so interviewers aren’t distracted from what you’re saying.

Practice Your First Greeting

Research shows that first impressions can alter how we judge everything else that someone says or does. Even if you feel nervous, try to appear confident and friendly during your first meeting. This means sitting patiently while waiting, being polite to everyone you meet, and maintaining comfortable eye contact during conversations. Remain engaged while the interviewer is talking. If you’re fidgeting, looking out the window, or seem otherwise distracted, they may think you’re uninterested in the job.

Slow Down

Talking too quickly makes it difficult for people to absorb what you’re saying. Slow down so your words can really resonate with the interviewers. This will also help you appear more confident while giving you extra time to think up great responses to interview questions. Try out this exercise to improve your speech so you can own the room in your next interview. And don’t be scared of silence! It’s perfectly fine to pause before answering a question. If you feel uncomfortable with this, bring a water bottle along so you can take a sip while you compose your words. Before your interview, it may be helpful to do a mock interview where you record yourself. This will help you weed out any fillers from your speech, such as “um,” “like,” and “ah.”

Remember, since you’ve been invited for an interview, your hiring manager already likes you. Your well-composed cover letter and stellar resume have set you apart from many other applicants. So far, they think you might be a great fit for the team. Now, you just have to prove them right!

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