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The Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona.

Anyone who travels a lot with their job knows just how utterly characterless, tedious, mundane, stuffy, spiritless, worn, cold and lifeless some hotels can be, but once every so often you stay somewhere that shows you exactly what the meaning of hospitality is and a few weeks ago in Barcelona I found that very place.

The trip, my first to Barcelona was very last minute, so I was browsing the hotel websites and was surprised that I came across a really good mid week deal for the Majestic Hotel and Spa. right in the centre of Barcelona not far from the Salgrada Familia seen below.

Majestic Hotel and Spa Salgrada Familia 1

Just to digress a little, the Salgrada Familia is a building that I have always wanted to see. They have been building this Cathedral for 130 years, thats bonkers right?? Even more bonkers for me was the newest editions to the largest unfinished Catholic Cathedral in the world, as to me they look completely different in style to the original building that Antoni Gaudi spent the best part of 40 years designing (equally bonkers) You can see on the image below how different it is…


Majestic Hotel and Spa Salgrada Familia 1

It was still amazing though, even though the atmosphere was dumbed down a bit by the patch quilt build ing. Anyway enough of my moan 🙂

Majestic Hotel and Spa Salgrada Familia 1


So back to the Hotel. After a short taxi ride from the airport I was greeted by a member of staff who opened the taxi for me, got my bag out of the car and showed me the way to the hotel. I  was booked in to a Junior Suite and the room was excellent (Apologies for no pictures of the room). The service superb and friendly and really knowledgeable and helpful. The concierges were all excellent, well mannered and always made a point of asking how my stay was. The room was spotless, good coffee (Nespresso Machine, with extra pods available) , enough milk, great shower and even an umbrella. Their was also a collection of additions that you don’t see much of including a toothbrush, toothpaste and as you can see below a plug adaptor for the daft Brit who forgot to bring his own. I have never seen so much thought as to what a guest might need actually addressed within a room

Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona Plug Adapter

Away from the room I make use of the fitness suite in the basement, which although wasn’t the best I have seen, what was there was of a very high standard, very clean and full of towels.

The best part of the hotel for me was the terrace that looks out over the city of Barcelona. As you can see I went crazy and enjoyed a pot of tea while soaking in the Barcelona skyline. I could sit there all day.

Majestic Hotel and Spa Terrace Tea

The images below are looking our over the different sides of the roof top. Such amazing panoramic views of the city, in every direction.

Majestic Hotel and Spa Terrace Sunset 3

Majestic Hotel and Spa Terrace Sunset 2

Majestic Hotel and Spa Terrace Sunset



The hotel as a whole was clean and spotless, I mean you get cleaner just by walking through the front door, the rooms are great, the food was amazing and the people (the best bit) were friendly and helpful. The hotel definitely wouldn’t be the same without their staff, if you’re going to Barcelona then this is the place to stay!


You can find out more information for the Majestic Hotel and Spa on their website here:

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