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Lenny loves his role the Hospitality Industry

What is required to work in the Hospitality industry?

Put simply, you need:

  • A passion for customer service;
  • To keep clear career goals;
  • Be a team worker;
  • Remain cool under pressure;
  • Be able to multitask.

If you have these skills then I recommend you show this industry what you’ve got, and this is why!!

It is fast paced

It is one of the most volatile industries you can work in. I don’t mean in the aggressive meaning of the word or how many times a chef swears at you, I mean in the amount of movement and development that goes on. In the last 2 years approximately 70 restaurants have opened their doors in Liverpool alone. Therefore competition is highly charged and keeping good staff is more and more difficult.


I have met more nationalities and different cultures in the Hospitality Industry than in any other industry. The personal skills it requires to work in a multi-cultural environment and to thrive in that environment are a plenty. Keeping you on your toes and constantly developing your personal, problem-solving and language skills on a minute by minute basis.

Chances for Progression

Hospitality gives capable individuals the best chance to be noticed and developed your career in to more senior positions. If you can work as a team player, be proactive, use initiative and be loyal, you will get a chance to move through the levels and use your skills to develop other people to.

Travel and Life Experiences

The hotel industry especially provides you with potential travel opportunities. Hobnobbing with the rich and famous and living in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Experiencing other people get married, deliver speeches, have birthdays, spa days, business meetings and much more, all with a ring side seat.

Why wouldn’t you want all that?

Why do you love your hospitality jobs? We’d love to continue a series of these posts so let us know and you will be included in a future blog post.

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