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Lenny Loves Liverpool

Lenny Loves Liverpool!!!!

If we were visiting places in relation to their position in the alphabet, August would have been the letter L.

With Lithuania and Liverpool both visited Lenny was spoiled for views, food and had the warmest welcomes you can imagine.

Liverpool itself is full of top class restaurants and chefs. So you won’t have any trouble finding a superb place to eat and relax.

On a recent trip to Liverpool Lenny found himself in restaurant Panoramic 34 so called due to it being on the 34st floor and the panoramic views of Liverpool, the Wirral and North Wales that come with it.

As you can see from the pictures it wasn’t the clearest of days but the views were still amazing.


Lenny Loves Liverpool

Lenny loves Liverpool and its vibrant restaurant and bar scene with some of the best food in the north west

20160828_115110 20160828_115116



The food wasn’t bad either. The best carrot Lenny has ever tasted was one of the highlights.



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And because Lenny was having a Lobster birthday the staff surprised him with a little something extra!


Fully recommended and for the view alone should be tried at least once!!!!


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