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Lenny loves… Durban!

Happy New Year my lovely Lobster friends! I’m thrilled to report that I am writing my first update for 2016 from sunny South Africa, where I have been trying all the local delicacies on your behalf!

It is my first Christmas in the sun for a number of years and I must say it has taken some getting used to – there’s something slightly uncomfortable about listening to Bing Crosby sing about his ‘White Christmas’ with the air conditioning on full blast… still, in talking to my friends in the UK, I understand it’s been more wet than white this year, so my thoughts are with any of you that have been affected by the recent floods.

In order to restore some much needed festive cheer, I thought I would tell you about my eating exploits from a hot and humid Durban, where I have spent the past two weeks. Having only spent time previously in the north of Africa, I wasn’t too sure exactly what to expect when travelling to South Africa, but I was soon to discover that the undoubted star of the show is MEAT. Steak in particular is in plentiful supply across the country and is of fantastic quality for an unfathomably low price (I bought 6 handsome steaks from the supermarket for the equivalent of just £6!)

As well as the succulent steaks, I enjoyed this beautiful Berbere Venison Loin whilst at traditional African restaurant Moyo, which was presented on a hanging skewer and seared with ‘mealies’, chips and a peppercorn sauce. With face painting and a traditional musical performance, it was certainly a feast for all the senses!PUB QUIZ

I was also lucky enough to catch the first day of the test match series between England and South Africa, which gave me the perfect chance to taste a few of the local snacks around the ground, with my favourites including Boerwors (a type of sausage) and the famous Durban delicacy of ‘Bunny chow’ (a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry)PUB QUIZ-3

I know what you’re thinking and no, with all this eating it’s not easy for a lobster like me to keep my lean figure in check, so I’m off for a lie down before considering my traditional effort at a January diet – catch you soon Lobster fans!