Glasgow restaurants

Glasgow, The City that Always EATS!!!!!!!

What comes to mind when you think about Glasgow?

Well the things that came to mind for me were – Football, Alcohol, Headbutt, Fried Mars Bars, Cold Weather and Kilts. BUT Whether you want to shop till you drop, take in the culture or dine in style, yes Glasgow really is the place to be.


What a great 4 days I had and what a city. From the West End to the City Centre there is no other city like it, food, drink, Architecture it’s got it all, especially food.

If you look on TripAdvisor there are 2,388 restaurants in Glasgow, look closer and it says that 194 of them are Indian. I decided to try one of the very best.

Mother India was something else, spice with a fine dining slant. I loved it and the restaurant upstairs is amazing. Just look

Don’t just take Lenny’s word try it for yourself….. (sorry, awful picture)

Mother India Restaurant - Glasgow

Another Indian I tried was Chaakoo Bombay Café – The sister restaurant of Topolabamba Mexican Kitchen, Chaakoo Bombay Cafe takes you back in time to experience the incredible flavours, smells and atmosphere of a classic Iranian cafe. A tapas style Indian with a great atmosphere and beautiful building. Excellent service and friendly staff, definitely a must try if you find yourself in Glasgow.

The Ubiquitous Chip was another restaurant I sampled in the 4 days I was there. The restaurant really does do local very well, and gives you a sample of the best of Glasgow local produce. A fantastic mix of European, and Scottish cuisine on offer I had to try the Haggis. It didn’t disappoint. Fresh food, great service and a full belly, what more could you want 😉

Go to Glasgow, you wont regret it!!!! (I might avoid derby weekend though, it gets a bit dicey I believe)


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