Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Still an Issue?

Gender Pay Gap Still an Issue?

Following on from our blog last year “Are women missing out on the top Hospitality Jobs?” we saw an article this weekend that said:

Women paid less than half than men at some of Britain’s top employers

That’s a massive issue. Personally I have not worked anywhere that there isn’t a pay scale, making sure that everybody is paid equally. So it is still a bit of a mystery to me how this still happens.

The article uses Easyjet and Phase Eight (The clothing company) to illustrate a point.

Easyjet Airline explained the difference:

“easyJet’s gender pay gap is strongly influenced by the salaries and gender make-up of its pilot community, which make up over a quarter of its UK employees. Pilots are predominantly male and their higher salaries, relative to other employees, significantly increases the average male pay at easyJet.” The average salary for a pilot is £92,400. For cabin crew it is £24,800.

Phase Eight also explained:

“Whilst on first glance, our published gender pay gap figures suggest the average man has a higher hourly rate of pay, than the average female, this is misleading and does not reflect the true story and culture within the Phase Eight business.

“The figures result from the fact that, as a women’s fashion retailer, the staff in our stores are overwhelmingly female, whilst our corporate head office staff (whose pay rates are typically higher) are more evenly split between men and women.

“This will cause significant disparity across our results where this imbalance is not taken into consideration. Similar issues will apply to other organisations in the women’s fashion retail sector.”

Both companies explain the gap well and both sounds very logical.

It is a shame that there is still a pay gap in certain industries, but a more detailed analysis is needed to find out if it is a real issue. It is true that there are some areas still that have a gender pay gap, some are perfectly logical, but some unfortunately are not.

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