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The Easy Fish Company – Lobster Jobs Ltd – Restaurant Review

The Easy Fish Company Restaurant, based in Heaton Moor, Stockport.

I was invited last week to the Easy Fish Restaurant by some good friends of Lenny’s last week, and what an experience we had.

On arrival I was a little confused about where I was. This was because the Easy Fish Company is in fact a family run Fishmongers by day and restaurant by night. My confusion came from looking at the front of the shop and just seeing the fishmongers ha ha, but with a little more investigation I found the restaurant which is nicely lit at the back of the shop. We were met and seated by a polite young man who also took our drinks order.

The menu selection is just about right and I was surprised how many gluten free options there were for our friend, she is Celiac, which can limit her options.

So lets get in to it 🙂

It was late in the day so we ordered some bread and olives to share as an appetiser before the starters. What came was beautiful, the bread was soft and the olives fresh…. See below:

Appetiser - The Easy Fish Company

After the appetiser I ordered the Smoked Haddock, which comes with creamed leeks, parmesan and a Hen’s egg. This was nicely done and very tasty. The one bit of pickiness all night was that the egg could have been runnier, BUT that is being very picky in what was a lovely light and nicely presented starter. This is shown in the image below:

Starter - The Easy Fish Company restaurant


The main course was amazing. Hake, sweet potato, tomato fumet, samphire and dried tomato. The Hake was cooked perfectly with the fish falling away effortlessly when nudged with my fork and melting in my mouth. The tomato fumet really gave the dish a quality of flavour that you do not always get in a dish like this. See below:

Main course - The Easy Fish Company

Also with the main course was a side order of courgette fritters and they were incredibly tasty, so much so the million calories that obviously make up the fritters were more than an acceptable exchange for such pleasure on the taste buds ha ha

Courgette Fritters - The Easy Fish Company

Ok so I am absolutely stuffed. I was just about to say I’m not having a pudding when Lenny’s friend suggested trying the shared pudding. There was 4 of us so I thought yes lets do that! WHY NOT!!!! And I am glad we did. Sticky toffee pudding, chocolate brownie, sorbet, ice cream, custard crumble and much more. Absolutely my favourite pudding of the year and the best shared pudding display we have seen this year.

The Easy Fish Company - Shared Pudding


In conclusion, you have to try this place. I can’t put it any clearer than that. Our pictures don’t do the food justice and with a lovely atmosphere, great relaxed service and excellent food you cant go wrong. Must be one of the best fish restaurants in the North. We only review places we like and in 2017 this is Lobster Jobs Ltd favourite.

For more information on the Easy Fish Company take a look  on their website: 

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