Brighton Hospitality

Brighton Sparkling in Sunshine!

Brighton Part 1…..

This week I am working hard as ever… as you can see I’ve been chained to the desk all day and definitely did not take a FLIGHT on the British Airways i360 for panoramic views of Brighton or fill my little (growing) stomach in the Salt Room restaurant either.

Ringing out of a window in the distance I could hear the song “Panic” by Coldplay, and with the lyrics, “We live in a beautiful world, Yeah we do, Yeah we do” ringing out as I strolled down the sea front it was as if Mother Nature herself was trying to prove Chris Martin right.

For those of you that don’t know, Brighton sea front now has the World’s tallest moving observation tower, so if you like views and don’t mind heights this is something you need to do. Its been done very nicely and from the moment you buy the ticket you are wished a “Good flight” you know you’re going to enjoy the experience/flight and it doesn’t get much better when the weather is so perfect for it. The views were amazing from Worthing through to the Seven Sister cliffs it doesn’t get much better. Hospitality is a funny thing, and it always feels better when the weather is so idyllic.



After working up an appetite on the i360 I took a short walk across the road to the Salt Room restaurant that is attached to the Hilton hotel.

The food was wonderful, fresh and very well presented. My waiter for the evening “Alfonso” was attentive and knowledgeable and all in all the food was well priced for the standard of food on display. I won’t be giving a full boreoff review of the meal, I’ll just let you see my pictures instead. Its fair to say that I’ve definitely had worse evenings 😉

Watch out tomorrow for Part 2……